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Fee Policy

St Peter’s Catholic Primary School Fee Policy

St Peter’s School is committed to educational excellence and a vital mission, to provide a Catholic education for the children of all families in our Parish. As such there is an obligation on us, as a school community, to ensure that all families who desire their children to be educated in their faith, can do so without fear of prejudice on the grounds of financial concerns.
There is also a recognition that State and Commonwealth funding, although significant, does not provide all of the
money necessary to maintain the operation of the school. We are very much dependent upon the financial
contributions of the families within the school to maintain the best possible level of educational service that we
There is therefore an obligation on the part of families with children at St Peter’s to contribute to the cost of running
the school. This obligation, which shall be termed “school fees” for the purposes of this policy, incorporates tuition
fees, various levies and other charges. In the interests of justice and equity for all members of our school community
there is the expectation that all families will contribute to the collection of school fees according to their ability to do

Relevant Legislation
This policy complies with the following legislation where it is relevant to the collection of school fees at a Catholic
Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 (Cth)

Fee Setting
Annual fees and charges including maximum increases, with reference to Consumer Price Index [CPI] (General &
Educational) is set by Principal from recommendations and consultations with Business Manager, School accountant
and School Education Board. The decision is endorsed by Parish Priest.

Fee Payment Timeline
All Levies – no later than 1 st February,
1 st fee instalment – 1 st March
2 nd fee instalment – 10 th May
3 rd fee instalment – 9 th August

Methods of Payment
Payment may be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly via:
Direct Debit from your bank account – forms are available from the school office.
Bank Transfer- the school’s bank account details are shown on the fee statement
Cash, Cheque or EFTPOS payments can be made at reception during office hours
Please do not send cash for the fees with your child/ren.

Procedures for Non-Payment of School Fees:
1. School Fees are due to be paid by the scheduled date.
2. If payment has not been received by this date a reminder account will be issued.
3. If the account remains outstanding the Registrar will telephone the person responsible for the fees to ensure the
account has been received, request payment and discuss the options available to pay the account.
4. If the account continues to remain outstanding a call will be made requesting the parent arrange a meeting with the Principal to discuss their situation.

** In the circumstances where people fail to pay their account; do not respond to reminder notices; and do not contact
the school to make alternate arrangements, the school is reluctantly forced to consider engaging the services of a
professional debt collection agency.

Procedure for Dishonouring Direct Debit Payment
On occasion a direct debit payment will dishonour due to changed bank account details, or insufficient funds held by
the payer of the amount.
1. Where a payment dishonours the Registrar will telephone the person making the payment to discuss the
2. Where account details have changed the updated details will be collected and the Direct Debit Authority updated.
3. Where the payment is dishonoured due to insufficient funds, alternative options will be discussed, to better suit the
payer of the account. It may be necessary in this situation to cancel the Direct Debit Arrangement

Fee Remissions
Parent/guardian’s suffering genuine financial hardships are encouraged to contact the school to present their
financial situation. All requests will be treated confidentially and sympathetically.
The Principal may consider alternative payment plan arrangements or remissions to genuine cases at his/her

Notice of Withdrawal & Fee Reimbursements
One full term’s notice in writing to the Principal is required before the withdrawal of a student. If this notice is not
given, payment of one full term’s fees in lieu is charged. St Peter’s funding and annual expenditure is based upon
enrolment numbers and it is highly unlikely that if a student leaves the school at short notice that their place will be
The Individual Student Levies and the Family School Fee are non-refundable. In the situation where parents have
opted to pay the full year’s account upfront, the Principal will determine on a case-by-case basis the reimbursement
level – taking into consideration all of the various factors including the time remaining of the school year and the
period of notice given before withdrawal.

Parish Contribution
Our school is established and supported by the Parish.
Parish Contributions support the services and programs offered by the Parish and assist with the upkeep of our
Parish buildings. In support of our Parish, all families are asked to pay the Parish Contribution directly to the Parish
Office. Personalised letters are sent by the Parish office early in the year indicating various methods of payment. It is
expected that our school families will support the Parish.