Enrolment Information
Suncare (Sunsmart) Policy


It is the responsibility of St Peter’s School to ensure the safety and well being of children in our care. The Policy has been developed to ensure that all students and staff attending the school are protected from damage caused by the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. This policy is to be implemented between September to April.


To make parents aware of their primary responsibility in educating their children about the dangers of skin cancer.

To encourage the school community to be responsible for protection from the sun.

To increase awareness among parents, teachers and children of skin cancer risks and of practical means of protection.

To encourage the school community to wear legionnaire hats for outdoor activities, especially at high-risk times, e.g. during sport, play and lunchtimes and excursions.

Action Plan

Children are required to wear legionnaire hats during September until April or at the discretion of the Principal.

Staff are required to wear hats outside.

Children and staff are encouraged to apply 30+ broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen, before school and prior to the lunch break.

Keep in mind that sun cream is not immediately effective.

Children without hats must stay in the sheltered areas for shade.

Sport and other outdoor activities are to be held early in the day if possible.

Outdoor assemblies are held early in the day.