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Autonomous Language Learning in Japanese

Autonomous Language Learning (ALL) in Japanese

St Peter’s has partnered with Catholic Education Melbourne and 30 other Catholic schools in Victoria to develop stronger real life connections between our school’s additional language learning (Japanese) by focusing on the whole school developing speaking skills for interacting.

Students and teachers are learning conversational Japanese together. Our goal was to begin using Japanese every day starting with some basic greeting words and instructions. Our aim is for everyone in our school to know and use at least 50 Japanese words/phrases by the end of the year. All staff engage in Japanese dialogue with students on a daily basis, as they integrate their language learning with learning in other curriculum areas in their level spaces. We have a number of experts in our community who support our ALL program on a regular basis, including three teachers who have lived in Japan and a parent volunteer of Japanese heritage who frequently volunteers at St Peter’s.

All students from Prep to Year 6 demonstrate their ability to be self assessment capable when using tracking tools to identify their successes and next steps in their Japanese learning. Students in middle and senior school have also begun to track the acquisition of Japanese vocabulary using an online app- SpeakUp!