Learning & Teaching
In English students learn to appreciate, enjoy and use language and develop a sense of its richness and its power to evoke feelings, to form and convey ideas, to inform, to discuss, to persuade, to entertain and to argue. Students from Prep to Year 6 are involved in reading, viewing, writing and talking about texts.

In Prep to Year 4 the focus is on teaching the foundational literacy skills of reading and writing. The focus on phonological awareness (phonics) ensures that all students get reading and writing underway as quickly as possible maintaining a strong focus on the explicit teaching of literacy skills which are the foundation of all learning.
Reading Recovery is provided for those students who, after their first year at school and despite good teaching, are not developing effective reading and writing skills. This short term, early intervention program is essential to enable students to catch up quickly to their peers.
As students move on to Years 5 and 6, literacy skills continue to be developed and consolidated within the context of an integrated curriculum. Students are supported to become more analytical and reflective in their reading and to write for a variety of purposes and audiences. The emphasis shifts from learning to read and write, to using these skills to access the broader curriculum.