Learning & Teaching

Students develop knowledge and understanding of how mathematical and numeracy skills are essential for successful functioning in society.


Students participate in a wide variety of Maths learning experiences, where important mathematical ideas, concepts, knowledge and skills are explored . Students are presented with engaging challenges, open ended problems, hands on investigations, interactive games, real life connections and problem solving tasks. They explore many different concepts across Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability. Teachers use assessment data to plan hands on learning experiences  supported by a wide range of learning tools and resources.

Student’s prior knowledge is determined through pre-assessments and rich learning tasks are developed to take their understandings further. These include problem-solving, investigations and computation skills through the use of modelling materials and concrete tools.

Students are supported as they develop mathematical understandings. Key growth points or stages of learning are identified by teachers and personalised learning programs are developed to assist the students move to the next stage of mathematical understanding. Extension activities and the use of technology are incorporated into the mathematics program. These include Maths Olympiad.