Learning & Teaching
The Arts & Health and Physical Education

The Arts

Performing Arts and Visual Arts

Learning in the Arts allows students to communicate observations and understandings drawn from other areas of the curriculum. The Arts are a vehicle for students to explore new ideas. Students are involved in creating, making, presenting and responding to arts works.

St Peter’s School also offers private instrumental lessons for students provided by Marciano Music. This program is billed separately by the provider and students are tutored either on their own or in small groups once a week during the school day.

Health and Physical Education

The Physical Education program aims to improve and maintain the health, wellbeing and fitness of all children. Bluearth Foundation supports teachers in implementing a fundamental motor skills program that includes social and emotional development.

The Health knowledge and promotion dimension explores the developmental changes that occur throughout the human lifespan. Students identify the health needs necessary to promote and maintain growth and development. They develop an understanding of the right to be safe, and how to take action to minimise harms associated with particular situations and behaviours. 


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