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Learning Sprints

Teachers and students from St Peter’s were invited to showcase our learning journey with Sprints after presenting to Principals, teacher leaders and Catholic Education Melbourne system leaders. Our progress with Sprints was captured on video and System leaders were impressed with the confidence of the students and teachers as they clearly articulated what Sprints are, how they have accelerated  learning in reading, writing, maths and Japanese and why they like being part of Sprint learning. As a result a number of local and international schools have shown interest in visiting St Peter’s to observe and learn more about this focused approach based on the research of Professor Simon Breakspear to improve student learning outcomes.

What are Learning Sprints?

Learning Sprints is an organisational routine that can support the adoption of evidence-informed practices and develop the collective efficacy of teacher teams. The approach is aligned with the existing research evidence into the features of effective teacher professional learning and the science of behaviour change.  It has been designed to be simple, relevant and manageable for  teachers and their leaders’. Agile Schools website.

Sprints are 10 minute focused learning sessions that are taken each day with the same group of students for a period of 1-4 weeks or until the child has mastered the skill. (Agile Schools website).