Learning & Teaching
St Peter’s Learning and Teaching Principles

The following principles are the foundation of how we enable and extend our learners at St Peter’s School:

  • We are committed to developing a Catholic faith community that ensures growth in faith, life and identity.
  • We believe that learning is lifelong and that all children are born with the potential to be curious, powerful learners with a desire to make meaning of all experiences. 
  • We believe that learning is multi-faceted and occurs within a variety of learning environments and experiences.
  • We are committed to achieving a high level of student engagement and teacher and  student learning confidence.
  • We support and develop emerging and current technologies to enhance learning, teaching and assessment by creating authentic links to local and global communities.
  • We ensure our own and others’ professional growth by planning, designing and teaching in teams building the capacity of all teachers and ensuring a culture of sharing and mutual support.
  • We believe that education must value and support democracy and therefore the rights of children require them to have a ‘voice’ in their learning.