Our School

Our School has a model of shared leadership which provides opportunities for all staff, students and parents to have ‘voice’ in moving the school towards achieving the identified improvement goals.

The School Improvement and Planning Leadership Team at St Peter’s School monitor the progress of the School Improvement Plan and Annual Action Plans.
The whole staff shares in this responsibility through membership in Inquiry Action Teams which focus on specific areas of schooling, leading curriculum teams and learning level/area teams.
The formal leadership roles which share responsibility for monitoring improvement are as follows:


This is the School Improvement and Planning Leadership Team:



Kerry Miller







Julie Percy

Deputy Principal / Director of Learning & Teaching






Emma Canning

Director of School Community






Jackie Fleischmann

Director of Student Wellbeing





All staff work within Teams to facilitate learning in particular levels/areas.

The Team Leaders are:


Marg Weston

STEAM Team Leader






Deb Stewart

Prep & Junior Team Leader






Sara Brundell

Middle Team Leader






Maj O’Neill

Senior Team Leader