Our School
School Organisation

Our school operates in a multi age, multi stage level structure in which learning is personalised to meet the needs of all students, with a focus on growth. Each level has a vibrant, dynamic and flexible learning space which adapts accordingly to the needs of the learners. The level staff work in collaborative teams and share collective responsibility for moving the students forward in their learning.


The levels are:

  • Prep 
  • Junior (Year 1 and 2)
  • Middle (Year 3 and 4)
  • Senior (Year 5 and 6)

The Staff 2019 teams are as follows:

Prep: Deborah Stewart, Louise Pantano, Joanne Galic

Junior: Elise Wise, Billy Guler, Amy Clifford, Paola Bortone

Middle: Sara Brundell, Sophie Chepanidis, Angela D‘Ercole, Tenneale Grayden, Chloe Miller

Senior: Maj O’Neill, Laura Mercuri, Louise Alonso, Katie Colautti, Lara Beltrame, Madeleine Brignell

STEAM: Marg Weston, Brendan O’Neill, Emma Canning, Kylie Coghlan, Kate Hoseason

School Wide Enabling Support: Kerry Miller, Julie Percy, Jackie Fleischmann, Emma Canning, Emily deKort, Connie La Spina, Maree Rofe, Deb Racina

In addition to this our staff are supported by a number of external providers, contractors and volunteer supports to enable learning in our school.