Our School
School Profile

St Peter’s Primary School is a vibrant learning community.

St Peter’s Primary School is one of three Primary schools in St Peter’s Parish of Epping, Epping North & Wollert. With a current enrolment of 270 students, we welcome new students from Prep through to Year Six.

We are a Visible Learning school that strives to provide a happy, safe and supportive learning environment where children are empowered to be thinkers, encouraged to take risks and to reflect on their learning in the current and future world.

Our pedagogy (approach to teaching) can be described as constructivist – inquiry play-based, personalised and student-centred. Our learning is visible, self-directed, active and experiential, providing opportunities for collaboration and reflection in responsive relationship-driven environments.

We celebrate a diverse and multicultural community enriched by the many students and families from non-English speaking backgrounds.

The school property is set on a large block with attractive surroundings and our historic bluestone Parish Church is on the site.

There are four collaborative learning communities and five distinct learning environments. Each space is designed to cater to the specific needs of its learners: Prep, Junior, Middle, Senior, and the STEAM MakerSpace. These spaces are adaptable and responsive for optimal learning.

We also have a large multipurpose area, a bright and engaging resource centre (library), and a variety of playing areas including large grass playing fields, Tiger Turf areas, a Playpod, adventure playground and large sandpit, a fantastic edible garden and several inviting outdoor learning areas. All learning areas are fully air-conditioned and heated.

We host an out of school hours program provided by EXTEND Before and After School Care.

There are several project based learning programs offered to students throughout the school including Discovery Play Based Inquiry, the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program, Master Minds Discovery program, Kids Teaching Kids, Shark Tank and Genius Hour. Our school is a 5 star accredited Resource Smart School.

Students are also offered alternative lunchtime recreation activities with indoor play options including a chess club which is supported by St Monica’s College staff and students.

Technology facilities at the school include fully networked learning spaces, over 300 devices including laptops, ipads, ipods, chromebooks and large all in one touchscreen computers which are available for student use.

There are multiple interactive and display screens in every learning space. All learning pods and shared spaces have access to a wireless network which allows for the use of mobile digital devices. Students also use digital microscopes, hovercams, 3D printers and scanner, digital cameras, virtual reality technology and robotics/coding to enhance and support contemporary learning. Students learn how to be responsible users of technology and the internet through their daily use of their online educational learning spaces; we are an accredited eSmart school.

St Peter’s has outstanding educators who are informed, contemporary professionals, they set a high standard of professional practice. Our staff are widely recognised as a strong Professional Learning Community, and continually contribute to the rich contemporary learning environment at St Peter’s School.