Student Wellbeing

St. Peter’s Primary School is pleased to offer students access to various technology, the Internet and online learning facilities. The school believes in the educational value of such electronic services and recognises their potential to support learning. In addition the school believes that all students have a right to learn with the media of their time. St. Peter’s Primary School will make every effort to ensure that students are protected from any inappropriate use of the Internet.

All Catholic Schools in Victoria access the internet in a controlled, secure environment designed exclusively for schools. Internet access is restricted and managed by SINA (School Internet Network Administrator) using the Z Scaler Web Management system. This means that St Peter’s Students have restricted and relevant access which relates to their Learning and Teaching. Restricted sites are therefore blocked and any attempt to access these sites is recorded and the user is identified. Students generally agree to a Code of Practice that is introduced at the beginning of the year and this is followed up with a Cybersafety Vision in all classes. Cybersafety and the safe use of Technology is a theme that is constantly revisited and focussed upon during the course of the year.