Student Wellbeing
Restorative Practices

At St. Peter’s we believe that school is a happy and safe place for everyone and therefore it is important that we all have skills to address conflict and processes to address behaviour management.  Restorative Practices works on developing relationships through social and emotional skills and restoring relationships.

Restorative Practices provides processes for holding students accountable for their choices and actions and to see the effect their behaviour and actions has had on others Through this process there is room to build on and repair the fractured relationship.

As part of Restorative Practices staff are equipped with a common language to use when talking with students who have encountered some form of conflict, and help them work together to repair the relationship.

Circle time is an opportunity for groups to come together to discuss problems that have occurred and discuss how they can develop positive relationships. This is an important way we develop social and emotional skills in our students.