Student Wellbeing
Student Wellbeing Initiatives


Catholic Care is an external counselling service that is available at St. Peter’s.  A qualified psychologist/counsellor attends one day week to see children who require support. . Through this service, students and families are assisted to work through personal issues which cover a wide spectrum. Referrals are made through the level leader or a member of the SIPTeam.



Seasons is a program that is run for students who have experienced grief and/or loss, whether this is through death or separation and divorce. It offers children support and encouragement in a difficult time in their lives. It provides an opportunity for young people to express, acknowledge, normalise and integrate their grief. The Seasons program is facilitated by a staff member who is trained by Centacare. The school runs this program annually. 


At St. Peter’s developing leadership skills in our students is important. There are a number of ways these skills are developed especially in the senior school. Our year 6 students have leadership roles teams that they work in and develop projects around the school community and the wider community. Whether they are leading the school with sporting activities or representing the school as they go out in the wider community visiting residents at the local nursing home our leaders are proud of what they do in making a difference.