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Education in Faith

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St Peter's Primary School Epping

Our Catholic faith permeates all that we do at St Peter’s. We inclusively celebrate our faith through our daily interactions with each other and we bear witness to the love of God for all people. We draw on the rich tapestry of our multi-faith community, preparing students to live harmoniously in our multi-faith world. We provide opportunities to live and express our Catholic tradition, making times and spaces for the development of spiritual growth for all members of our school community

We explore with our students what our faith asks us to be in our everyday life – to be the face of Christ for those around us. 


Faith Life Inquiry

At St Peter’s we explore Religious Education through an Inquiry based approach; guided by the Catholic Social Teaching Principles we recognise that we don’t live our faith seperate to our life but faith and life are woven together. We encourage students to ask questions and share their wonderings to help make sense of their faith tradition in our world today. Students make connections between their life as a person of faith and their everyday experiences. They share in dialogue to deepen their understanding of what it means to be a faith filled active citizen.



We are one of three primary schools in the Catholic Parish of St Peter’s Epping, Epping North and Wollert and have an aligned Sacramental Season. By celebrating our Sacraments in one season it highlights and demonstrates that we at St Peter’s see the whole school engaging in what Sacramentality means for our community today and how we live sacramentally as integral to our being.

Our Sacramental Season recognises the importance of experiencing sacrament in all aspects of our daily lives. 

We treasure the opportunity to work alongside Parish and families at the special time of Sacrament preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation. In collaboration with our parish, we offer all baptised Catholic students the opportunity to receive the Sacraments in the following order:

Reconciliation – Year Three

First Eucharist – Year Four

Confirmation – Year Six

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