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At St Peter’s, a variety of monitoring and assessment tools are used to identify student learning needs and to inform the planning and implementation of teaching and learning experiences. Assessment is ongoing, supporting students at all stages of their learning in order to maximise their growth across all areas of the English curriculum.

The Literacy Leader facilitates fortnightly professional development sessions after school to ensure that current research and best practice across the English curriculum are explored, trialled and implemented as appropriate for our community and for each classroom.

The reporting process at St Peter's has several elements. These practices aim to further strengthen our learning partnerships with families and respond to contemporary research about effective feedback practices to improve learning.

Our reporting strategy has four key elements:

  • Regular informal conversations with parents after school, via Seesaw and telephone

  • Student Progress Report – Terms 2 and 4

  • Student Seesaw Journals – ongoing

  • Parent and Teacher Conversations – Terms 1, 2  and 4

Student Progress Report

Each semester, classroom teachers prepare Student Progress Reports for students. The Student Progress Report displays:

  • a graded mark for each Learning Area and Capability, against state-wide and national standards according to the Victorian Curriculum

  • an indication of a student’s progress over time

  • a graded mark for Religious Education, made in reference to standards developed by Catholic Education Melbourne



Seesaw is an online student portfolio that enables educators to share student learning and progress with families.

Throughout each semester, educators post work samples that show student achievement and progress in all learning areas, along with personalised feedback and overviews of learning content. This ongoing reporting process provides families with regular and up-to-date information about student progress. 

Parent and Teacher Conversations

Learning Conversations are held each semester and are a valuable opportunity for parents/carers, educators and students to meet and discuss student learning.

​Learning Conversations take place in:

  • Term 1, to provide an opportunity for families to formally meet their child’s teacher.

  • Terms 2 & 4, to provide an opportunity for parents and educators to discuss the child’s progress and share next learning goals.

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