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Getting Ready for School at St Peter's Epping: Essential Tips for Starting Prep

Updated: Jun 19

As the new school year approaches, it's important to ensure your child is well-prepared for their exciting journey into Prep at St Peter's Primary School, Epping. Here are some practical and enjoyable activities to help your child develop the crucial skills they need for a smooth transition.

Foster a Love of Reading

One of the best ways to prepare your child for school is by fostering a love of reading. Spend time reading books together. This not only improves their listening skills but also helps them develop a rich vocabulary and a love for stories. Make reading a fun and interactive part of your daily routine.

Practice Writing Their Name

Encourage your child to practice writing their name through fun activities. Tracing letters in sand, using playdough to shape their name, or drawing in shaving cream are all creative ways to make learning enjoyable. These activities enhance fine motor skills and help your child recognise and write their name confidently.

Counting Objects During Play

Incorporate counting into playtime to make learning numbers fun. Count toys, snacks, or steps as you walk. Simple counting activities can help your child become comfortable with numbers and basic math concepts, setting a solid foundation for their school journey.

Encourage Independence

Teaching your child to be independent is crucial for their confidence and self-esteem. Start with simple tasks like dressing themselves, packing their school bag with essentials, and opening their lunchbox. Practice these routines at home to make them second nature.

Picnics at Home

Having picnics at home is a great way to practice opening lunchboxes and eating independently. It also provides an opportunity for your child to become familiar with the types of food they will have at school and manage their own mealtime.

Toilet Independence

Ensure your child is comfortable using the toilet independently. Practice at home and encourage them to manage their personal hygiene with minimal assistance. This skill is vital for their confidence and comfort at school.

By incorporating these activities into your daily routine, you’ll help your child develop the essential skills they need for a successful start to their school journey at St Peter's Primary School, Epping. These small steps can make a big difference in ensuring your child feels ready and excited for their first day of Prep in 2025.

For more tips and information on preparing for Prep, visit our website or contact the school office. Let's work together to make this transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible for our young learners.


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